Carlo Carletti was born in Siena in 1966.
He started his career in 1994 with a photographic show of the S. Regina Institute for the Culture Department of the City of Siena. In 1995 he graduates in Law at the University of Siena, and begins another important touring show featuring the antique Francigena street, which continues for all 1996. In 1997 he founded "Studio Arte Fotografica Corporation" in Poggiponsi, (Siena). In 1998 he publishes his first photographic book "La Luce Chiusa" ("The Closed Light"): A photographic research in black and white, on the foyer light of the most prestigious palazzi in Siena. The introduction of the book was made by M. Verdone. In 2000 an another photographic book "Terra Agra" ("Sour Land") representing the hearth of Tuscany the Maremma region, this introduction was made by A. Olivetti. By the end of 2000 he founded the "Exposed Photography Corporation" with his long time colleague Carlo Vigni. Subsequently Mr. Carletti and Mr. Vigni published the 2001 photographic book "Vicini Paesaggi" ("Near Site Seeing") featuring Tuscany’s best sites. In 2002 he publishes his masterpiece "Maremma", which futures the best images of his career about the south region of Tuscany, this introduction was written by Carlo Nepi.