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Andreas Horvath was born in 1968 to the family of an architect in Salzburg, Austria. His interest in fine art photography was nurtured by the American nude photographer Ernestine Ruben. Starting with a workshop in Salzburg in 1986, their relationship gradually developed. Andreas Horvath has worked with her on several projects in Europe as well as America. The Nude has remained one of his favourite themes.

Ever since his High School days, when he was an exchange student in Iowa, Andreas Horvath has been fascinated with rural America. After an education at a Viennese photo school he travelled to the United States to work on a book about the Mid-West. His series COWBOYS AND INDIANS was published in 1993 and received excellent reviews including Richard AvedonĀ“s praise.

In Salzburg Andreas Horvath runs a studio and portrays celebrities of the art scene. Besides photography, film has always been a point of interest for him. His filmography includes commercials for the cinema, as well as experimental short films and documentaries. For his projects Andreas Horvath has been awarded various grants. His work has been published in magazines and books and has been shown at solo and group exhibitions. He also teaches photography.

The pictures of the original series LOS DESASTRES DE LA GUERRA measure 4 by 6 ft. For further information on sizes and prices please contact photoarts or Andreas Horvath.

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