Self-Portrait with David, San Francisco, CA 1974

In a letter dated October 10, 1974, David wrote to me, "It all came on very suddenly last evening --around 7 PM. I decided to go and do my laundry and after stepping outside and starting to walk - I noticed the quality of light that existed. Bordering on Darkness -- with a clear sky above - The light was very much in the ultraviolet range thus making all black objects go extremely black and all white or shiny objects very luminous - white objects seem to float amidst a sea of black and very softly indeed - I became aware of the relationship set up between shadow and light and vice versa... The air also seemed electrified by some sort of radiation that I can't be sure of... Phil [Block] first made me aware of this time of day and the quality of light that exists. I remember he always wanted to photograph during those hours before darkness... Anyway - I didn't get to do my laundry as I was overcome by some very intense form of ener... I raced back into the house and got out the Polaroid and began to photograph very intensely..."

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