Barbara: Remember when you played GhostBuster? Do you remember when we did GhostBuster photographs?

Jesse: I remember.

B: Tell me about GhostBuster guns, how you felt.

J: I remember. I felt like a REAL GhostBuster I felt like 'E-Gun'.

B: 'E-Gun' ? Is that the name of a GhostBuster?

J: He's the CHIEF of the Ghostbusters.

B: Have you ever seen a real ghost?

J: A REAL GHOST? Yes!!..YOU!!..

B: But what about those guns that you were using? How did you feel about using those guns? Did you feel happy? Or scared, or proud?

J: PROUD and BRAVE! because I found out that the ghost-es could go into a trap.

B: Where did you first learn about GhostBusters?

J: On the cartoon.

B: Did you feel scared when you watched those cartoons?

J: I'm afraid a no Ghosts (Jesse starts singing) SOMETHING WEIRD IN THE NEIGHBOORHOOD, WHO YA GONNA CALL? GHOSTBUSTERS! (Makes noises like he's shooting a gun.)

B: Who's your favorite GhostBuster?

J: E-Gun.

B: Tell me about E-Gun.

J: Oh you know what happened when E-Gun, they were trying to shoot this ghost, then they shot E-Gun, then one part he was shrinking to a baby.

B: Who shrank to a baby?

J: E-Gun.

B: Did that scare you?

J: No.
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