Hate Is Suffering

"Hate is suffering", on one occasion I got emotional when reading this quote by Buddha. I looked back to the experiences of my life and found the significance of this thought. I realized how true it is. I have suffered a great deal in my life for which hatred played an inextricable role. I was hurt; I was in pain and struggled to get over with my sufferings. I failed to realize that flexibility is the way to embrace life. That life becomes dynamic when capable of growth and adaptation. Changes occur, when body gets hurt, or mind dose so for hurting loved ones in the name of hatred. But if I am inflexible to those changes I encounter increasing difficulties and resistance, I suffer. And I did so for my whole life. Until I started realizing Buddha's own realization that hatred only brings sufferings to life. So I took this quote as a theme for my project to visually come to terms with my own sufferings, and let go of them.

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