Cristina Villa Peral

I was born in Barcelona, 8 July 1965. I studied Art History at Barcelona University.

Between 1990 and 1991 I worked at the School of Heritage Tecla – Sala on projects about museology and museography, marketing and cultural tourism, exhibitions and strategies of comunication in museums.

I also studied at the Open University of Barcelona on Culture Activities.

Since 1990 I am working in the Museum of Cantir of Argentona where I have several responsibilities including documentation of art works, design and realization of teaching activites and materials for schools, and I am the director  of temporary exhibitions.

I have studied pottery at the Museum of Cantir workshop for some years.

I studied draw and painting in Lidia Tur workshop.

I am writer for which I have won several awards:

2001: 2nd  award of the Literary Certamen of Argentona with the tale “El laberint” and also 2n award of the Literary Certamen of Maresme with the same tale.

2002: award of Poetry of the Literary Certamen of Argentona with the work “Espais” and the 2nd award with the tale “El Calidoscopi”.

I have been colaborating with several history publications, writing articles about art.

I have always liked photography and I am mostly sel-taught photographer. I am member of the Grup de Fotografia d'Argentona where I have taken some workshops with professional photographers such as Sergi Reboredo or Miguel Parreño.


Expo – Market of Art of the Museum of Càntir of Argentona  2003, 2004, 2005 (colective)

Expo - Market of Canet de Mar 2005 (colective)

Exhibition Trifàssic  at the cultural local Arcàdia. Mataró. March 2006 (individual).

Exhibition 1ª GFA of photogrphy at the Museum of Càntir of Argentona. April-May 2006 (colective)

Exhibition at the local Clap. Mataró. June of 2006 (individual).