By his un-orthodox use of the camera Andreas Horvath achieves abstract pictures that seem to derive more from the Fine Arts, namely from Abstract Expressionism, than from photography. Photographic viewpoints are deliberately dismissed. Sharpness and clarity of the depicted object (from the beginning - and still today - a strong argument for photography), do not exist in his pictures.


The leaves are stripped of their physical appearance. Instead their simplified forms resemble brush strokes, their dissolved silhouettes are reminiciant of a meddled watercolor. The versatile natural forms and colors are suspended in a blurred, often monochrome surface.


Yet, Andreas Horvath does not try to conceal the photographic origin of his pictures. Neither does he experiment with different types of film, nor during the processing stage. All the pictures featured in the series were taken in natural light and with 35mm daylight film. The series features 25 images which reflect the natural process of photography in a natural environment.


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