Portfolio Presentations on PA CONTEMPORARY

We invite you to submit your fine art photography portfolio for exhibition on the PhotoArts Contemporary pages. We will create an online portfolio with its own direct address (photoarts.com/pac/name) at the highest image quality currently available. A feature of PA Contemporary will be periodically curated exhibitions drawn from the represented portfolios.


The fee for exhibiting on PA Contemporary is $900 for one year with twenty images. Updates - with a maximum portfolio size of 20 images at any one time - are $20/image. Images may be changed as frequently as desired . The fee to renew an existing portfolio will be $450/year. If you are interested in linking your portfolio to any other website representing your work, this may be done if there is a visible link back to PhotoArts.


Images may be submitted digitally (preferred) or as prints (8"x10"), slides or transparencies. Digital images should be high quality jpegs 600x400 pixels.

Text (bio, contact, artist statement, etc) should accompany images on a disk.

Payment is in full and should accompany your submission.


The portfolios already presented give a clear idea of how your work will appear online. If you have any questions in this regard please get in touch with us at PhotoArts. The portfolio section is oriented toward fine art photography and, therefore, submittals will be reviewed in order to maintain the overall quality of images exhibited.

For further information please contact PhotoArts.

c/o James Wintner
230 West 79th St #94N
New York, NY 10024
212 724 3443
fax: 212 724 7690

Thank you.