Nina Glaser

Selected Exhibitions

1993 1992









*catalogue exhibitions

1992 San Francisco Bay Guardian GOLDIE Award, Visual Arts
1991 NEA Exhibition Grant

Permanent Collections
UCLA, Wight Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA
Yale University Collection, New Haven, CN
Rene Di Rosa Collection, Sonoma, CA
Lynn Hershman, San Francisco, CA
Pasquale Iannetti, San Francisco, CA
Billy Bragman, San Francisco, CA

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1992 Blue Calendar
1986-1990 Art Unlimited, Card Line published 1986-1990, Amsterdam, Holland
1984 Outside of Time, Published by Beaux Arts Press, San Francisco, September

1985 The Cage, (B & W, 16mm), shown at Film Arts Foundation Festival, October,
San Francisco, CA

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