Richard Sack/Jim Wintner: co-directors
Florence Wack: director of communications and special programs

PhotoGraphic Gallery - which first opened for business in New York's Soho district in the Spring of 2003 - re-opened in December 2005, on Front street in New York's Historic Seaport District. Gallery directors Richard Sack and Jim Wintner have found their inspiration in the rich history of this neighborhood which was home to the first Dutch settlers and the democratic and tolerant society that they built, a society which became a model for the future liberties enshrined in our constitution.

For over 300 years New York City was the most important port in North America and this legacy is key to New York's identity today. As a great port city we welcomed - and continue to welcome - ideas, people, and goods from all corners of the world. A spirit of tolerance, an openess to new ideas and an unceasing curiosity is key to our identity, one which is reflected in this city's expansive cultural landscape.

As a gallery, we focus on work about New York and New York culture as well as work that addresses current political issues important to New Yorkers. New York City is a place, an idea, and an ideal. It is a city defined by its marine traditions and a port which continues to thrive into the 21st century. Inspired by New York, we wish to inspire New York in turn. We look forward to having you visit the gallery and to hearing from you with ideas for projects that share our ambitions.