Barbara: Where did you get the idea for Boxing Beast? Did you see the Boxing Beast on TV, or was it your idea?

Jesse: It just came to me. It was my idea.

B: Who is the Boxing Beast? What does he look like?

J: He has a mad face, and gloves, and looks like a boxer.

B: Does he scare you?

J: No, I wasn't scared.

B: Who does the Boxing Beast box?

J: Everybody tries to attack him, but always he knocks them down. Always he's the champion.

B: Does he wear the gloves to protect himself? And who does he protect himself from?

J: From all the enemies that try to attack him.

B: What do the enemies look like?

J: They're ugly, they have ugly hearts inside.

B: When you say "ugly", what do you mean?

J: I mean they're not nice.

B: What kind of things do they do?

J: They punch people in the face.

B: Does Boxing Beast have feelings?

J: Sometimes he cries.

B: What do you think he would cry about?

J: Always when the bad guys put needles in people's feet.
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