Barbara: Who is the Burger King?

Jesse: The Burger King is someone who makes charge of the world. And this king is even bester than King Arthur. Everyday when he wakes up in the morning he makes a celebration of Jesus when he died. Sometimes the Burger King becomes happy - like on Fridays - he goes in a coach around his castle and then when the enemies come, they shoot the explodable arrows, and if the sharp point of the arrow gets in the hot soil it explodes!!!!!

B: What does the Burger King do?

J: Everyday, the king hangs around after the parade and then on April Fool's Day he just walks around, and leads a parade around the castle. And then the Burger King is holding a saw and cutting out a secret passageway and soon the Burger King is gonna find out an idea and kill the bad guys. The idea is HOW TO KILL THE BAD GUYS.

B: How?

J: The King was thinking of taking the golden sword if he finded it. If he touched the bad guys with his sword, the sharp point would come off because it was poison. The bad guys would be 'Dead Meat' in one minute.
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