It often takes an outsider to see America clearly,
and in Heartlands it's the Austrian photographer and
filmmaker Andreas Horvath putting his eye on the
United States. In this beautifully printed, large-format
volume of black and white photography, made in 24
states since 1985, Horvath presents images of the
'fly-over states,' telling powerful stories of politics,
privilege (or lack of it), social aspiration and faded

     - RAM Publications

Horvath's beautiful work is honest and unfiltered. He
has no need to sentimentalize or idealize these places,
for they are simply beautiful to behold. For all the
struggles life offers, these people seem to be in harmony
with their surroundings. Looking through this book is a
short vacation in another life.

     - Top Choice Books

Dear Andreas Horvath, thank you so much for your
photographs. They are often beautiful and certainly true.

     - Richard Avedon, 1993