Chris Kirchhoff

I am a freelance photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa and produce work for both international and local publications. My field of interest is story telling and sharing the beauty and complexity of this fantastic land of ours.

My personal passion in photography is the documenting of Ceremony and celebration. The range of cultural diversity is vast and we each have unique ways to celebrate and so often these create and strengthen the communities in which we live.

Occasionally I am privileged to be invited into other communities to share and document their special events. By sharing these photographs with others I hope that in some way I contribute towards the ongoing discover of each other and some sense of reconciliation of the past.

A quotation by the Dalai Lama forms the cornerstone of my approach towards documenting these events. It is " Wherever I go, with whom ever I go, may I see myself as less than all others and from the depth of my heart may I consider them supremely precious.

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