Ethnic cleansing--A new term for a very old practice, the applicable procedure for which appeared as follows: First, kill a few to scare the others into leaving, "frighten them with heavy footsteps" so to speak. When that fails, become more direct--Surround the village or town, bombard it mercilessly, then advance, moving over the corpses until it is all yours. Chase those that survive into the hills and surround them again. Repeat the process until all are dead, imprisoned, or forced to be among their own kind miles away. Once completed, take your people who have survived the same process and bring them to the newly liberated territory. Repopulate immediately. A new border now exists. Should it be attacked the next day in the other side's attempt to liberate, simply defend and continue to move forward. "We shall win..."



loyalty | reality | war | slaughter
fear and passion | ruin | displacement/replacement| response and failure

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