The world could not, and did not, make up its mind until it was too late. A country had exploded from the inside. People watched and watched, waiting for a conclusion that was self-drawn and acceptable. When the world finally reacted, the results seemed almost comic. Troops, in some examples, were sent not to stop the fighting, but to give food to those under siege--an admirable intent; yet all they had consequently rendered was an act similar to that of fattening the cows for slaughter. Maps and treaties were hammered out while those on the ground suffered. Politicians on all sides finally had the world's attention and they didn't want to let go. Now was their chance. The outsiders wanted to end it but they didn't know how. When they finally decided to use force, most of the damage had been done. The country was gone. No one would win...



loyalty | reality | war | slaughter
fear and passion | ruin | displacement/replacement | response and failure

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