It was only time that forced people to realize that what they were living through wasn't going to end. No one was going to help. Everyone had to defend themselves. From city to village, farm to factory, survival at any cost become the way of life. Water, food, and shelter were the only things that mattered. How they were acquired often depended on fate of location: Were you facing north, or south? On a hill, or in a valley? Was the water well near, or was it far? Were these destinations militarily expedient or not? A casual walk, after all, quickly became a run of desperation. Furthermore, homes for generations disappeared in the blink of an eye. A strong wall one day was often gone the next. The easy visit to a neighbor across the street frequently tested both will and faith. Tunnels connected houses, streets grew fabric overhangs to protect from snipers... Seasons passed through people without pleasure. Adaptation became the norm, a sign of pride. Everyone said we have survived the worst the other side can give. "We shall win..."

Blood and Honey : A Balkan War Journal at



loyalty | reality | war | slaughter
fear and passion | ruin | displacement/replacement| response and failure

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