To define a "soldier" here was, at the very least, a challenge. There were professionals and there were amateurs. There were people defending their homes, and there were people taking homes away. Organized armies fought; and small bands of drunken, cruel people fought as well. Some would only fight against a true soldier and others less noble would fight only the helpless and defenseless. Political objectives were likely overcome by personal objectives-revenge and greed being atop the list of the latter. Soldiers once friends were now enemies, yet the uniforms were almost identical and the guns the same. Their main unifying trait, however, was their manner of speaking when discussing the obvious justification of their actions. Whatever atrocities occurred were committed for their respective country, and its future. Through the act of war they would make sure that those that were different would be pushed out. One way or another; "We shall win..."



loyalty | reality | war | >slaughter
fear and passion | ruin | displacement/replacement | response and failure

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