It began quietly with stories of the past. Sometimes they would speak of World War II, sometimes the 14th century. They would say "My father was killed by... My great-grandfather was tortured by... My grandmother, may she rest in peace, suffered in her village at the hands of..." They were stories often told by drinking men clutching old photos and conjuring up either real or imagined past glories. When "they" were in control, god and destiny were both on their side. Others were evil, out to destroy their goodness. "Look at these symbols that show how great we once were. In the past our flags flew high and proud. They were proof of a great nation that once existed and will exist again." Every side thought that their time would come again and that now was that time; for destiny to be fulfilled. The flags of the past are the seeds of the future. "We shall win..."

Blood and Honey : A Balkan War Journal at



loyalty | reality | war | slaughter
fear and passion | ruin | displacement/replacement| response and failure

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